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Credit Card Limit Approval Solution


The system centralizes the process of issuing credit cards, automatically scores customer records, recommends issued limits, checks duplicates and manages blacklists. At the same time, the system also supports users to save processing time, minimize operational errors, provide data to related departments and connect to provide data for Way4 Card Management System, Card pro.


Bank's time, expenses and resources


Time for the issuance of credit cards to customers

Lợi ích
    • ​Centralizing the work of rating, approval and controlling credit cards.
    • Controlling and reducing operational errors.
    • Tracking progress, controlling management roles in granting credit card limits.
    • Saving time, expenses and resources.
    • Storing and providing data for related systems/departments.
Mục tiêu
    • ​Automating the process of appraisal, scoring and approval of credit card limits.
    • Satisfying credit card issuance, reducing the risk of bad debts.
    • Improving the bank's risk management capacity.

Managing customer records:

  • Scanning files.
  • Entering profile information.
  • Records management.

Management of ScoreCard/knockout weights:

  • Managing screening indicators, scoring indexes of each type of customer.
  • Supporting to add new indicators and changing the set of indicators from time to time.
  • Performing System Knockout and calculating ScoreCard.
  • Analyzing customer information, automatically assigning a set of indicators, and running customer screening indicators and Scorecard scores.

Management of appraisal reports and fraud reports:

  • Supporting for updating and managing fraud reports, customer information verification reports.
  • Approving credit cards and syncing to Way4 system.

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