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Real Estate
Project Management


Software is a place to gather data from internal departments of the company that allows users to update and manage project information (implementation progress, legal information, bid package information, documents and contracts). The companies directly related as well as the authorized parties can approve and monitor the status of advances and corresponding payments, convenient in controlling operations and solving problems promptly.


Project completed on time


Project expense reduction


Digitalization of general plans and design drawings

Lợi ích
    • ​Creating a "Top Down" centralized data warehouse with priorities for programs and investment projects, items and expenses.
    • Promoting a collaborative process, allowing project members to synchronize information from many different locations or companies.
    • Providing a clear scorecard that is capable of evaluating the effectiveness of multiple investment programs/projects to quickly detect components that are behind schedule or over budget.
    • Streamline project monitoring through an integrated interface that displays landmarks, tasks, and status changes for project members.
    • Reducing administrative work by making the most use of existing data warehouses.

Mục tiêu
    • ​Project management from the role of investor, ensuring on schedule without exceeding the budget.

  • ​Project Requirement
  • Adding or Editing Item
  • Definition of Sample Project
  • Seeing Document Template
  • Estimated Time and Initial Progress
  • Review of Deviations
  • Gantt chart
  • Importing/Approval of Bids
  • Recording and Release of Contract
  • Items By Progress and Completed
  • Project Data Import/Export
  • Invoices and Contractor Payment
  • Seeing Project Scorecard
  • Seeing Project Indicators
  • Reviewing the Contractor's history

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