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Real Estate
Smart Urban and Industrial Zone Management


Provide a comprehensive solution to address the needs of operating a smart urban-industrial zone to optimize and proactively manage real estate, infrastructure, and other facilities, capital resources, materials, assets, etc. Thanks to that, increasing the professionalism in each department of the company, limiting risks and incidents, thereby increasing the life of the assets.


Optimal management expenses


Digitization of premises and equipment


Efficiency in using space

Lợi ích
    • ​Digitalizing apartment and industrial management by applying IT.
    • Saving time, expenses and human resources.
    • Increasing professionalism in each department of the company.
    • Minimizing risks and building breakdowns as well as proactively managing the quality of materials, thereby increasing the life of the assets.
Mục tiêu
    • ​Providing a comprehensive solution to address your needs in the management and operation of a smart building.
    • Optimizing the management of materials, assets in buildings or industrial zones.

  • ​Information management and contract status
  • Managing documents of the building management board
  • Building maintenance information management
  • Material management
  • Managing handover of materials or apartments
  • Management of premises for rent and apartments for rent
  • Accounting data connection
  • Customer fee collection transaction administration
  • Smart system management
  • Managing electricity and water metrics of residents, tenants or cluster by area
  • Multi-object, multi-content reporting system, and general report system
  • Supports multiple API connections: camera, security and safety system, vehicle card system, etc.
  • Building an interactive channel between residents and the building management board

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