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Real Estate
Facility Management - FM


Establish a centralized facility information management system in two main areas: space and infrastructure (in addition, it also supports human management, organization or capital management) that help improve the efficiency of using, exploiting and managing invested assets, improving labor efficiency, minimizing risks, shortcomings regarding processes and legal in asset management.


Efficiency in using space


Building management expenses


Digitization of premises and drawing equipment

Lợi ích
    • ​Optimizing, improving efficiency in use, exploiting and managing invested assets.
    • Improving labor efficiency thanks to automated processes as well as the ability to access accurate and timely information.
    • Minimizing risks, processes and legal shortcomings in asset management.
Mục tiêu
    • ​Setting up an asset information management system focusing on space, infrastructure, people, organization or capital management.

  • ​Administration of user functions, system functions, system logs and system rights section.
  • Managing employees, companies, branches and bonds.
  • Managing product contracts, contract statuses, changes in customer information, and export and print of contracts.
  • Capital statistical report: statistics, search, aggregate data, report for due accounts, periodic reports.
  • Accounting report of member companies: reporting time, reporting by arising expenses, bond aggregation, bond contract.
  • Overview report page: transfer transaction, maturity transaction, principal transaction, other transactions, etc.

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