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Asset and Tool Management


Asset and tool management is the indispensable needs of every business in order to strictly manage the use, purchase, investment and exploiting of all existing assets effectively. With business models with a large-scale and decentralized management system, the application of technology to asset and tool management is the most effective trend today.


Efficiency in use


Personnel expenses for inventorying


Time for inventory and report extraction

Lợi ích
    • ​TNTech's fixed asset and tool management software applies the advanced technology with flexible design and many features and utilities will become a powerful support tool in updating asset status, monitoring the management and use of assets within the company.
Mục tiêu
    • ​Solutions to building asset management tools for companies with the goal to minimize loss for businesses.

  • ​Standardizing processes and unifying management systems within the company.
  • Managing and monitoring all assets, tools and instruments of the company.
  • Minimizing resources and time in inventory and internal asset transfers.
  • Centralized and tight control over asset database.
  • Ensuring that all asset increases/decreases are recorded, controlled and have a complete lookup record for each transaction or task.
  • Track progress, measure service-level agreement (SLA) of work items related to asset management operations
  • Support efficient, fast and accurate reporting according to the management requirements of each company, manage and approve documents, the documents posted to the system are all reviewed to avoid errors and frauds leading to property losses.

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