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Vấn đề

​Currently, there are many businesses that haven't yet had a tool to manage bond issues, manage customers and manage bond purchase, transfer and buy-back contracts. Enterprises have to spend a lot of manpower to manually manage bonds, calculate interest rates and make reports, leading to errors in the management and calculation of interest rates that cause losses regarding economic, human resources and time of the enterprise.

Giải pháp

​TNTech's bond management software has solved the aformentioned problems, giving TNG Holdings Vietnam a smart and effective solution in the bond management process, significantly reducing costs, time, human resources for business.

The bond management software has an intuitive, clear, and simple-to-use interface for users.
The software also has a full range of functions for customer management, bond product management, bond issuance and purchase management, blockade management, premature redemption management, and management on the transfer of bonds.
The system provides a full feature of automatic interest calculation, statistical report synthesis support, and support for reporting output and printing.