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At 9:15 am on September 26, 2020 at Au Co Art Center - No. 8 Huynh Thuc Khang - Ba Dinh - Hanoi, there was a Ceremony to award the Certificate of Famous Trademark - Vietnam Competition Trademark 2020 in the mold. Format "Consultancy and Voting for Famous Trademarks - Vietnamese Competitive Trademarks" in 2020.
The Program of Consultancy and Voting for Famous Trademarks and Vietnamese Competitive Trademarks was held for the first time in 2006 to evaluate, recognize and promptly promote typical brands of organizations, enterprises, individuals in all fields have a long history of development, outstanding quality, high competitiveness, environmental friendliness, trust of many consumers and a strong mark on the market. . After 15 years of implementation, the program has certified many prestigious and prominent brands in many different fields, many of which are really typical brands representing the country on a par with famous brand in the world. With that result, the program is proud to be rated as one of the most prestigious programs available today.
A Vietnamese competitive trademark is a trademark that must satisfy more than 2/3 of the evaluation criteria, one third of the remaining criteria must exceed the satisfaction requirement of 50% according to Article 75 of the Intellectual Property Law - 2005 ; Prioritize brand products that are competitive in the country and for export. The individual or legal entity of the Brand owner meets the criteria of competitiveness, product and service quality management; friendly production and environmental protection; well implement the Labor Law, proactively overcome difficulties; Fully fulfilling tax obligations; actively participate in social activities
Well-known and competitive brands are titles for typical Vietnamese brands in international integration and competition. The title has contributed to affirming the confidence of Vietnamese consumers with Vietnamese businesses as well as brands. Through that, businesses will have more motivation to try, constantly develop and supply to the market good quality products and services, making Vietnamese brands of international stature.
In 2020, TNTECH, with tireless efforts in 2019-2020, with its achievements in the market, was honored Top 20 Famous BRANDs - VIETNAM COMPETITION LABELS IN 2020. Awards This has honored tireless efforts, accompanied by market-recognized results of TNTECH, a fledgling Technology Company that has taken firm steps in becoming one of the most profitable Technology companies. brand, reputation and quality in the Vietnamese Technology market​