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 TNTECO - SanPham

Direct and indirect retailers play an extremely important role in bringing products to customers, helping businesses expand markets and resulting in big sales for businesses. TNTech's technology solutions will help build and optimize this retail process to be more effective, creating the key drivers for business success.

Bond Management

Provide a digital system for all activities regarding centralized management of bonds for companies, making it flexible and convenient in providing various types of reports (capital statistics reports, accounting reports of member companies, overview reports, etc.).

Customer Loyalty Solution

Loyalty Points is a management system of bonus points developed jointly with partners that are linked together, aiming to create more benefits for customers and promote cross-selling for businesses as well as improve sales. The system also aims to optimize marketing expenses, keep customers continuing to use the brand's services ...

Chain Store Management Solutions

The application system aims to optimize the management and delivery of goods by updating the goods data in real-time, helping the chain store manager to grasp the general operating situation, compare business performance and promotions as well as advertisements among branches to make the right portfolio.

Smart POS Solution

The system helps cashiers enter data and make payments easily as well as inform the store manager about the status of the goods in stock and track sales - expenses. The use of the POS system not only optimizes the control of business operations and minimizes loss of goods, but ...

Solution on Analyzing and Evaluating Consumer Behavior

The system collects data, evaluates the frequency and habits of customers' in-store experiences to make an assessment, analysis and forecast of buying trends to support the display of goods, male effective advertising and sales policies, motivate customers to make buying decisions more quickly, bring revenue and market value to business ...