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Activity news

​​The signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding between TNTech and Electric Power University (EPU) took place in Hanoi on August 20, 2020. Thereby, the two parties establish a long-term strategic partnership to coordinate activities, develop utilities and improve the quality of each party's products on a mutually beneficial basis.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, TNTech and EPU will cooperate in 3 areas including coordination in product introduction, research/ordering of products and cooperation on human resources.

In particular, the two parties coordinate to introduce and demo (i.e. demonstrating the capabilities, Products/Solutions owned by each party to TNTech's customers. Based on EPU's existing product/solution platform, TNTech can order EPU to research technology or develop new products. Products/researches ordered by TNTech are the intellectual property of TNTech. Meanwhile, EPU is responsible for research and processing. TNTech will provide direct recruitment policies for EPU's graduate students. In addition, for each project, TNTech gives specific resource requirements. EPU makes sure the resources meet the skills required by TNTech.

TNTech, which is a member of TNG Holdings Vietnam, was born to meet the need of applying advanced information technology solutions to production and business activities in the fields of finance, banking, and corporate governance. Through the Memorandum of Understanding signed between TNTech and EPU, it will help promote the cooperation between the two parties, enhance the exploitation and use of each other's advantages, thereby increasing the interests of each party.