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 TNTECO - CauChuyenChiTiet


​1. E-commerce trends in Vietnam and around the world

Computers are taking over the world, people can quickly communicate and connect with each other more easily through many kinds of services on the Internet. This is a favorable condition for e-commerce to develop more and more. Currently, e-commerce has become a familiar transaction method of trading companies in the world and is growing increasingly in Vietnam.

2. The advantages and potentials of TNG Holdings Vietnam

TNG Holdings Vietnam owns a wide range of services and products that are indispensable to users such as housing, consumer goods, services, finance and banking, etc. At the same time, it possesses a wide supply chain of those services, which is the premise to develop e-commerce and retail solutions to the market.

3. Customers' needs

With great real estate and housing facilities, TNG Holdings Vietnam has a huge number of residents, tourists and external customers. They need a channel to deliver the products in the most convenient way. Thus, we launched the Tick & Go e-commerce channel with the goal: Increase sales for companies of TNG Holdings Vietnam as a new sales channel based on the infrastructure of TNG Holdings Vietnam aiming to bring the Group's products to market.


​We provide a comprehensive and complete solution from business practice to technology and customer experience including:
- Technology solutions: Applying the latest technology and in line with the companies' and corporate's strategies such as Microservices, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.
- User-oriented solution: Providing a complete ecosystem that perfectly serves the user value chain model, from relaxation needs, food shopping needs to housing needs, as well as entertainment service needs.