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 TNTECO - CauChuyenChiTiet


​In the context of a competitive market where countless booking applications appear every day bringing many interesting features and experiences, the hotel system in TNH's development project needs to achieve a certain level of attraction to customers who book directly on the hotel website/app. At the same time, posting room information for sales manually on OTA channels takes a lot of time, effort and mistakes can easily be made. Therefore, TNH needs an independent technology solution that can be easily and effectively managed for users.


​Build a website system with a good conversion rate:

We integrate the online booking engine on the website so that customers can book and pay directly without going through intermediary payment channels.

The distribution channel management system makes it possible for hotels to sell rooms on all OTA channels at the same time with just a few clicks.

In addition, the automatic update of the number of available rooms every time when there is a booking will prevent the hotel from being overloaded when there is large booking traffic.