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 TNTECO - SanPhamChiTiet

Chain Store Management Solutions


The application system aims to optimize the management and delivery of goods by updating the goods data in real-time, helping the chain store manager to grasp the general operating situation, compare business performance and promotions as well as advertisements among branches to make the right portfolio.

    • ​Accurately grasping the amount of inventory in stock to plan a fast movement of goods among warehouses.
    • All goods data in warehouses will be continuously updated to the total warehouse in real-time.
    • Supervising sales activities of employees and decentralizing each branch.
    • Comparing sales performance among employees and branches.
    • Easily creating new types of reports to suit business needs.
    • ​Being capable of managing and controlling inventory at all stores in any area.
    • Summarizing the data related to the top and bottom sales of each branch, detailing to each salesperson.
    • Capturing the general work situation, comparing the performance among branches, on that basis, making investment decisions.
    • Managing promotions synchronously and effectively.
    • Providing reports on discounts, promotions, sales during the promotion period of each branch to help managers get accurate data to evaluate the effectiveness of given promotions.
    • Building and providing a smart reporting system.

  • ​Easily transferring goods among branches.
  • Reporting, comparing and evaluating in detail each branch in terms of revenue, profit, expenses and inventory.
  • Branch management staff decentralization.