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Hospitality service
Smart Hotel Management Solutions


Innovative & smart hotel development management system is based on IOT technology and offers intelligent and scientific interactive experiences with behind-the-scenes management, community accounts and user applications, etc. All are integrated with the overall hotel management platform. The system helps to improve hotel service quality, increase occupancy rates and improve online booking rates.

    • ​Smart interactions, behind-the-scenes management, community accounts & user apps are all integrated with the overall hotel management platform.
    • Providing users with a more comfortable & scientific experience, improving hotel service quality, increasing occupancy rates & improving online booking rates.
    • Monitoring & controlling equipment locally or remotely, optimizing the energy-saving operation process, thus reducing total expenses for both hotel management & operation.
    • ​Application of the innovative & smart management system developed for hotels based on IOT technology.

  • ​Easy & simple registration via account or app.
  • Using available modes with just one touch.
  • Diverse context modes are available or custom setup.
  • Direct connection with the hotel management system.
  • Comprehensive room status information.
  • Remote monitoring & control device using the wireless room control system.

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Hospitality service

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