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Finance and Banking
Internal Credit Rating Solution


The system helps centralize the credit rating process, improve operational efficiency and risk management at banks thanks to the flexible rating process configuration for each customer and unlimited questionnaires, etc.


Expenses and personnel for credit institutions


Credit risk


New customer risk exposure

    • Controlling and reducing errors in the credit risk assessment process.
    • Saving 80% of the time, expenses and personnel for the credit institution.
    • Fast and accurate customer ratings and reviews.
    • 30% reduction in credit risk, detecting high-risk or fraud credit, reducing bad debt.
    • 15% Increase in new customer risk exposure.
    • Increasing the ability to make fast and accurate credit decisions, making it easier to manage.
    • Developing a suitable marketing strategy for each customer group.
    • ​Applying Basel 2 standards to improve risk management capacity and safety standards in banking operations according to international practices.
    • Applying technology to the management, analysis and evaluation of customer information data.
    • Assisting the bank in:
      • Approval and credit granting decisions.
      • Performing credit risk management.
      • Determining the price of the credit.
      • Customer management and administration.
    • Considering it as a basis for setting up credit provisions.

Updating customer profile:

Supporting to update customer records (customer information, financial statements, etc.) to be able to analyze and synthesize information and put into customer scoring.

Allocating customer profiles:

Supporting the assignment of unprocessed records.

Customer credit rating and scoring:

Automatically applying the scoring model and professional scoring components to each customer object: scoring customer screening, scoring tolerance credit, scoring exception, scoring rating, etc.

System management

  • Decentralization of functions.
  • Decentralization of data.

Model administration:

Declaring criteria, creating formulas and notifying conditions to define scoring models for many types of customers, meeting the changing requirements of the set of criteria in each period.

Workflow Administration:

Declaring the parameters to connect the components that make up the business process operating on the system. The declaration of the components of the rating process is also flexible by each customer and from time to time.

General report:

  • Administrative report: lists of returned records, lists of reallocated documents, lists of documents waiting for approval by the credit council, reports of completed documents, etc.
  • General report: Customer limit report.